European crossroads

Logistics, easy access to the market, corridors X and VII and International airport Constantine the Great.

As a logistics base, Serbia is an ideal country to locate a company that wants to operate and serve in the most efficient way to its clients from the EU, Southeast and Central Europe. Serbia borders with EU countries, offering the possibility of manufacturing outside the European Union. At the same time, business operations can satisfy all working conditions outside of the EU, along with the possibility of providing services and transportation, all with respect to the planned and flexible time frames.

The extraordinary geographic position of the City of Niš within the Balkan region and the fact that the city is at a crossroads and close to the various European road corridors creates conditions for the exceptional accessibility of this part of Europe. This creates the possibility of developing the logistics sector, thanks to the vicinity of EU Corridor X and VII.

The main transport axes, motorways and railways come from Belgrade to Niš, where they fork towards the south leading to Thessaloniki and Athens (E 75) and east towards Sofia, Istanbul and further towards the Middle East (E 80).

Also, the City of Niš represents an intersection of roads leading from Central Europe to 4 large seaports on 4 seas (Durres on the Adriatic Sea, Thessaloniki in the Aegean Sea, Istanbul on the Sea of ​​Marmara and Varna on the Black Sea).

1_Airport Land and Buildings (2)

Air traffic is carried out through the airport Constantine the Great, the second largest passenger and cargo airport in Serbia. The airport is located in the area with exceptionally favorable weather conditions throughout the year, with a small number of cloudy and snowy days representing the enormous investment potential of the city.

The area where the air traffic is carried is increasing, given the fact that the EU Agreement on Common Aviation Area of Europe or the Open Skies Agreement (ECAA) entered into force in Serbia in 2009. Experience shows that this will surely lead to the arrival of new companies, including the low cost airline companies, so it is realistic to expect that the creation of the most favorable airline connections will result in a larger inflow of passengers from the neighboring regions, thanks to the faster and more efficient road and railway routes to the airport.

International air traffic from the Airport Constantine the Great – Niš