Business environment

Creating a better business environment and more economically competitive and stronger local communities with better conditions for economic growth, job creation and improving population living standards is one of the tasks of the Office of Local Economic Development.

After the analyzes, it was concluded that, in order to strengthen the domestic economy, it is necessary to establish a series of policies whose implementation will help overcoming the problems identified. Of course, the City of Niš, Office for Local Economic Development, as a unit engaged in local economic development and investment support in Niš, does not go through this process alone, but there is mutual cooperation with the private sector and other institutions tasked with stimulating economic development, such as the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Nišava, Pirot and Toplica Administrative Districts, Regional Development Agency South and many others.

Starting from 2017, the City of Niš, through the Office for Local Economic Development, by concrete measures, strives to foster competitiveness, employment and attract investment.

In 2017, the budget for these purposes was estimated at RSD 18 million. At that time, interest- free loans were granted to 134 companies, based on a public call to banks and businesses, 7 companies went to fairs as part of the promotion of internationalization, and 42 users received grants to improve competitiveness. Based on the measure Improving the cooperation between industry and science education institutions, grants of up to RSD 800,000 were awarded to five projects.

In 2018, RSD 40 million was allocated for the implementation of the measures envisaged by the Local Economic Development Program. These measures covered about 300 businesses. This year, RSD 39 million has been allocated.

Year after year, these measures produce excellent results and continue positive trends in the labor market. The number of active businesses is increasing, while the number of companies that are being shut down is decreasing.

Measures to improve the business environment

Within these measures, subsidies are allocated, ie grants to companies for specific purposes, but also organization of a Forum of Advanced Technologies, building a Science and Technology Park, improvement of the tourism potential of the city, providing incentives for agriculture, non-financial support for beginners in business, etc.

System measures

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the Niš economy, create conditions for establishing new businesses and expand the capacities of existing ones, as well as positioning the City of Niš as a strong economic center of this region in Serbia and the environment desirable for investment, life and work, the City of Nis, through the Office for Local Economic Development, in cooperation with other institutions and the private sector, implements policies and programs aimed at more economically competitive, stronger local communities and creating better conditions for economic growth, new employment and promotion standard of living and quality of life in the local community.

Economic  Council of the City of Niš

Economic  Council of the City of Niš is a permanent working body of the City Council, which monitors the implementation of plans and programs of local economic development, provides initiatives related to economic development and opinions on priority projects, monitors activities to promote economic potential and considers economic development strategies.

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