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The Office for Local Economic Development is a professional team composed of people of different profiles – professionals in local administration, dedicated to their work. The employees of the Office launch initiatives, provide solutions and carry out daily activities, contained in the mission of the Office for Local Economic Development. A team dedicated to the development of the local and regional community and focused on:

  • Development of strategic plans and programs as well as the local legal framework, in accordance with the strategic goals through private-public dialogue with the participatory participation of representatives of the business community;
  • Preparation and implementation of the City of Niš Local Economic Development Program and development of the Local Employment Action Plan;
  • Improvement of services to the business community, providing support and care for the application and improvement of standards of a favorable business environment;
  • Better understanding of the needs of the business community for building a business environment through continuous analysis and constant monitoring of economic indicators, as well as management of local development policy instruments;
  • Reducing risk and improving business stability;
  • Employment, improvement of the labor market and human resources;
  • Support to innovations and new ideas as our driving force of development;
  • Improving conditions for entrepreneurship, business start-ups and small business operations;
  • Development of infrastructure that will be in the function of local development, in accordance with the needs and potentials of the local economy;
  • Improving the quality of life in the local community through more jobs, higher salaries and a better standard of living for citizens;
  • Support and encouragement of investments, care for existing investments and their expansion, quality of investors;
  • Preparation and management of development, infrastructure and investment projects;
  • Collection of statistical data, formation of databases for the purpose of statistical observation of trends in almost all areas of economic and social life;
  • Preparation and monitoring of the implementation of investments in the City, planned programs for arranging construction land and maintenance of communal infrastructure of public land in urban and rural areas;
  • Development and monitoring of the implementation of programs related to capital investment in the field of culture, education, sports and health care;

Head of the Office

Dušan Radivojević

Head of the Office

Milena Mladenović

Assistant to the Head of the Office

Ana Radovanović

International cooperation Affairs

General Affairs Sector

Violeta Tesla

Manager of the General Affairs Sector

Dragana Stojanović Krstić

Internal and external Communications

Bojana Cekić

Business technical secretary

Miodrag Milošević

Head of Department of Professional Affairs

Dejan Blagojević

Affairs Related to the Preparation and Implementation of Public Procurement Procedures

Miroslava Jovanović

General Legal Affairs

Mila Dimitrijević

General Legal Affairs

Ljiljana Marković

Business technical secretary

Investment Support and Business Improvement Sector

Dragan Milovanović

Manager of the Investment Support and Business Improvement Sector

Tatjana Ilić

Business Improvement Affairs

Predrag Mijajlović

Business Improvement Affairs

Slobodan Čolaković

Head of Investment Support Department

Jelena Petković

Investment Support Affairs

Aleksandar Mršić

Investment Support Affairs

Darko Ković

Information Preparation for Potential Investors

Miodrag Arsenijević

Investment Support Affairs

Strategic Planning and Project Management Sector

Ivan Pavlović

Manager of the Strategic Planning and Project Management Sector

Aleksandar Ždraljević

Head of Strategic Planning Department

Branislav Milovanović

Strategic planning Affairs

Milan Trifunović

Strategic planning Affairs

Stela Jovanović

Head of Project Management Department

Vesna Šurdilović

Project Management Affairs

Ivana Knežević Spasović

Project Management Affairs

Ljubiša Jakovljević

Project Management Affairs

Sector for Preparation and Implementation of Infrastructure Projects

Perica Krstić

Manager of Sector for Preparation and Implementation of Infrastructure Projects

Ljiljana Jovanović

Head of the Preparation and Implementation of Infrastructure Projects Department

Vesna Stojanović

Infrastructural Project Management

Milena Tokalić

Infrastructural Project Management

Tamara Stojković

Infrastructural Project Management

Ana Todorović

Infrastructural Project Management

Dragana Nenadov Stanković

Infrastructural Project Management

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