• Opened on February 25, 2009, within the implementation of the USAID – MEGA program, with the support of the LEDIB program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and by the end of 2016, it has operated within the Mayor’s Office.
  • On January 1, 2017, by the Decision on the Amendment of the Statute of the City of Niš the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects was established, as one of the services of the City of Niš for the purpose of unifying project and investment activities in the city.
  • The goal of LSG is to attract investments and improve the economic image of the city through implementation of development and investment projects and management of local development policy tools.
  • Pursuant to the Law on Investments (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” No. 89/2015), the competent authority of the LSG unit encourages investment by local development tools, takes care of existing investments and their expansion, the number and overall value of investments and the quality of investors, applies standards of a favorable business environment and makes decisions on measures to stimulate competitiveness of the LSG in attracting investments.
  • The organizational section of the LSG unit or legal entity that provides professional assistance and support to the investor in the realization of the investment is carried out by the Office for Local Economic Development.


The Office for Local Economic Development and Projects is engaged, inter alia, in the following tasks:

  •  improvement of the local economic development
  • measures to stumulate competitiveness of the LSG
  • local development policy
  • encouragement to attracting investments and support to the the existing investments
  • engaged in measures to encourage competitiveness of the LSG in attracting investments
  • supports local business community
  • takes care of application and improvement of standards of the city strategic planning;
  • manages processes of strategic planning of the city development;
  • prepares and implements development and investment projects
  • has a competency as a unit for implementation of projects and development programs of the City of Niš


Since OLEDP eatablishment it has been active in:

  • It participated and managed preparation or implementation of the most significant projects in the city: YURA CORPORATION, SHINWON, BENETTON (Olimpias Group), JOHNSON ELECTRIC, LEONI, INTEGRATED MICRO ELECTRONICS, ASTER, ZUMTOBEL and many more.
  • It was involved in development projects for WWTP, airport „Constantine the Great“, „Science-Technological Park“, Free zone South.
  • It was also involved in development of strategic documents: Revision of the City of Niš Development Strategy 2009-2020, Operational Program 2009-2011, Sustainable Development Action Plan 2010-2014, Sustainable Development Action Plan 2015-2020, etc.
  • It conducted surveys on the attitudes of the local business community on the business environment quality.
  • It managed the procedures of national and regional certification of municipalities with favorable business envoronment that was  conducted by NALED.

By implementation of more than  20 investment projets, number of unemployed persons recorded in the National Employment Service has been reduced from over 36.000 at the time when the Office was established to 29.800 in October 2016.