The quality of intellectual capital in Niš is based on an education system that provides highly educated people in almost every field and especially highly educated staff in the field of technical sciences and computer technologies. Among the 19 secondary schools, there are 5 technical (electronics, IT and mechanical engineering), food production, economic and trade schools. In the last 10 years, about 3,000 students have finished elementary school while 4,000 students have graduated from higher schools.

Since the founding of the University of Niš, more than half a century ago:

Graduate students73 312

Completed master academic studies7429


Doctoral degrees2207

The University of Niš is included in the unique European educational space in compliance with the highest standards of quality of educational, scientific research and professional work and can be compared with foreign higher education institutions of the highest rank.

Until now, the University of Niš has grown into a mature, well-developed academic community comprising thirteen faculties, namely: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pedagogy in Vranje, Law Faculty, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Occupational Safety, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education and
Faculty of Philosophy.

The university, comprising 13 faculties, represents a strong intellectual basis for the development and establishment of partnerships with significant economic entities and local self-government, as well as international institutions. All faculties of the University of Niš carry out scientific research work in the field of basic, applied and developmental research, and all faculties of the University are organizers of numerous scientific meetings at national level and meetings with international participation. The University of Niš, through its faculties or directly, pursues bilateral and multilateral cooperation with many scientific and educational institutions and associations in the country and abroad.

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