A unique City of Niš property database has been created

The project “Efficient and effective property management in Niš and Ćuprija through the introduction of the Geographic Information System” created a unique City of Niš  property database with applications for all aspects and processes of property management. For each property, the database has information on the location, way to use, value of the property, etc., which are necessary for an adequate and rational public property management. In this way, a unique public property register  was created, and the LSG unit was enabled to adequately use it and control its expenses. This way of keeping records will significantly improve the process of data exchange between services and institutions in the city and contribute to more efficient implementation of procedures conducted within the City Administration.


Property data are entered and updated, searched and exported, and an overview of the location of each property is enabled by a graphical display on the map. For each property, a NEP JS form can be generated, and for the review of aggregate data on all  public properties, it is possible to generate a ZOS JS form. A web portal has been created that contains a cartographic presentation of public property with all useful and important data obtained by simply clicking on the property on the map, and numerous tools and functionalities enable the creation of inquires, analysis and generation of graphical and other reports. In this way, relevant information are obtained without direct inquiries and site visits. As such, the application “Public property of the City of Niš” is intended for investors, citizens, employees of public and other institutions and the interested public.


In order to create an integrated model of efficient property management, through several applications, the implementation of the Geographic Information System was performed. As efficient property management implies the integration of a database (property register) with GIS, through several applications, GIS has been implemented, too.


In the period to come, we expect further improvement of the city’s GIS with other layers of data in the field of education, tourism, communal infrastructure, greenfield and brownfield sites and other important data about Niš.


The project titled “Efficient and Effective property management in Niš and Ćuprija through the introduction of GIS” is implemented within the Exchange 5 Program, funded by the European Union from the allocation for IPA 2014, and implemented by the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government (MDULS) in cooperation with the Standing Conferenceof Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) as an implementing partner. The Contracting Authority for all grant scheme projects is the Ministry of Finance, ie the Department for Contracting and Financing of European Union Funded Programs (CFCU).


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