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Cookies policy

Like most other professional websites, this site uses cookies, small text files that are uploaded to a computer or mobile device when visiting a website, in order to enhance the user` experience

How do we use cookies?

The Office for Local Economic Development uses cookies with the primary purpose of providing you with a better web user experience. The cookies we use are meant for:

  • Normal operation of the site
  • Memorizing your settings during and between visits
  • Improving site speed
  • Sharing pages on social networks
  • Improving the user experience on our site
  • More efficient monitoring

The cookies we use DO NOT SERVE for:

  • Collecting personal and sensitive information
  • Forwarding data to third parties
  • Forwarding personal data to third parties

Third parties cookies

  • This site uses third party analytics to help us track and measure the use of the site, all with the aim of creating content that appeals to our readers. These cookies collect information such as duration of stay on the site or certain pages and help us understand how we can improve the site.
  • We also use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons and plugins, which allow us to like and share our content on social networks. To make these features possible, social networks place cookies through our site that they use in the manner set out in their privacy policies.
  • We also use plugins that allow you to integrate with other sites or display the content of other sites on our pages (such as embedding Youtube videos). To make these features possible, sites set cookies through our site that they use in the manner set out in their privacy policies.

Turning off cookies

You can prevent cookies from being placed on your device by setting your browser not to accept them. Please note that this will affect the functionality of this and many of the sites you visit. If you want the sites you visit to continue to look and function the way you are used to, do not turn off cookies.

If you are concerned about your privacy, instead of turning off cookies, we advise you to use anti-spyware software that automatically deletes cookies that are considered invasive.