Niš acquires GIS until the end of the year

Representatives of public companies, the Secretariat of the City Administration, certain republic institutions and the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects signed today an Agreement with the City of Niš on cooperation in establishing and improving the Geographic Information System of the City of Niš. On behalf of the City of Niš the Agreement was signed  by the Mayor, Darko Bulatović. With the realization of this Agreement, as well as the Memorandum of Understanding, Niš will acquire GIS by the end of the year, which will enable much better use of resources, information will be exchanged and processed faster and better, and citizens and interested investors will get the necessary information with just “one click“.

According to the Mayor of Niš, Darko Bulatović, the goal of the City of Niš is to use this data for projects intended for citizens in order to improve the quality of life. “For us, GIS is an opportunity to plan and contribute to the further development of the city and city potentials. The ultimate goal we are striving for are satisfied citizens, an increased number of investments and an increased number of new jobs, “said the Mayor.

„Parking service Niš“ is one of the signatories of this Agreement. The director of PUC „Parking service“, Dejan Dimitrijević, expressed great satisfaction that something that has been talked about for years is finally being realized. In particular, for the „Parking Service“, GIS means better and more successful business activities. “At any point of time, our users will be able to get complete information on how many parking spaces are available, where they are located, and all other services we provide will be improved,” said Dimitrijevic.

“The city of Niš will acquire GIS by the end of the year,” said Ivan Pavlović from the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. According to him, this means that all those who want to invest in our city, but also the citizens of Niš and all interested parties, will be able to get information, photos, videos, with one click on a topic of their interest, such as free locations for investors, educational profiles available, property, etc. Pavlović emphasized that it depends on the institutions themselves how much data will be available, ie as much data as the signatories of these acts submit, that much of them will be at disposal to citizens, businessmen and others.

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