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System measures

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the Niš economy, create conditions for establishing new businesses and expand the capacities of existing ones, as well as positioning the City of Niš as a strong economic center of this region in Serbia and the environment desirable for investment, life and work, the City of Niš, through the Office for Local Economic Development, in cooperation with other institutions and the private sector, implements policies and programs aimed at more economically competitive, stronger local communities and creating better conditions for economic growth, new employment and promotion standard of living and quality of life in the local community.

In this regard, for five years now, the City of Niš with OLED has brought together all stakeholders in IT, business, science and education at the Advanced Technology Forum in order to realize the idea of ​​positioning the City of Niš as a city of advanced technologies. Similarly, from 2017, a Start-up Center was formed, whose mission is to be an incubator for ideas and business ventures of young, ambitious people, but also to support their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, in the field of science and advanced technologies. Also, along the way, through the construction and formation of the Science and Technology Park, it will further strengthen the development of the advanced technology industry, which is of utmost importance for the overall local development.

Science technology park

Along with the existing Start up Center, established in 2017, the Science and Technology Park, which will be completed in the spring next year, and the multipurpose laboratory extension unit within the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, in Niš, all the necessary conditions will be met, for once the city of electronics, to truly become the center of advanced technology in our country.

Start-up center

Start-up Center Niš is an incubator for the ideas and business ventures of young aspiring people, supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and developing creativity among students, as well as innovative startup companies in the field of science and advanced technologies in their road to maturation.

Advanced technology forum

The 'Advanced Technology Forum' is one of the activities within the implementation of the idea of ​​mapping Niš as a center of advanced technologies. The Forum brings together all the stakeholders in the field of advanced technologies aiming to promote the economic, scientific, educational, institutional and human resources of Niš and the region and to present the capacities of the city and this part of the region in the field of electronics, mechanical engineering and information and communication technologies to the competent ministries, R&D institutions, the donor and diplomatic community.

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