The City of Niš has started drafting the 2021-2027 Development Plan

The City of Niš has started drafting the 2021-2027 City of Niš Development Plan, a comprehensive and „roof“document of long-term development planning for a period of seven years.

The aim of the Plan is to define the vision of development, determine potential benefits and development directions in order to improve the living quality of citizens, stimulate accelerated economic development, accelerate and facilitate systemic changes through social innovation, striving for sustainable, planned and rational use of natural resources and space along with preservation of natural and cultural heritage, ensuring social progress and reducing poverty, providing quality education, health care, social and territorial cohesion in a secure society, respecting diversity and providing fundamental rights, including the right and equal opportunities for all.

The plan will contain an overview and analysis of the current situation, a vision or the desired situation, priority development goals to be achieved, as well as an overview and a brief description of appropriate measures. The starting point for Plan creation will be the defined directions of development of the Republic of Serbia and the European Union, as well as the City of Niš itself.

Through the processes of Plan preparation and drafting, an integral participatory approach to local development planning, intersectoral cooperation and exchange of information, involvement and coordination of the public, private, scientific-research and civil sectors will be promoted.

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