Advanced tehnologues forum

The “Advanced Technology Forum” is one of the activities within the implementation of the idea of ​​mapping Niš as a center of advanced technologies. The Forum brings together all the stakeholders in the field of advanced technologies aiming to promote the economic, scientific, educational, institutional and human resources of Niš and the region and to present the capacities of the city and this part of the region in the field of electronics, mechanical engineering and information and communication technologies to the competent ministries, R&D institutions, the donor and diplomatic community.

The reasons for launching the “Advanced Technology Forum” were reflected in the fact that there was no clear picture of the development and investment capacities, opportunities and potentials of the City of Niš and the level of development of the advanced technology sector, both in the local community and at national and regional level. There was also a lack of adequate communication and cooperation between the institutions of the system, R&D and educational institutions with the manufacturing sector, which has changed greatly in recent years.

Gathering of the most important stakeholders in the field of advanced technologies and mapping the potential of the City of Niš aims to attract new investments, promote the city and the region and, ultimately, support the economic development of the City and the region.

The goals of the Advanced Technology Forum are also to connect educational institutions with manufacturing companies in the advanced technology sector; creation of the conditions for establishing supply chains for large, existing local community companies and SMEs; promotion of education and employment opportunities in the field of advanced technologies in electronics, mechanical engineering and IT; defining and launching a continuous, synchronized campaign to promote the strategic advantages of the City of Niš as a center of advanced technologies; defining problems, needs and topics in the field of advanced technologies to continuously organize specialized events throughout the year; presenting and maximizing the use of currently available funds in an advanced technologies development friendly environment.

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